Our mission is to change lives through drug-free pain solutions and much more...

A better way for people to find pain relief.

NWC was founded because we believe there is a better way for people to experience pain relief, not just pain management, and return to the active life they deserve.

A Better Way to Heal

We knew there was a natural way for the body to heal, restore function, and regenerate healthy tissue.

Health and Wellness

We knew that true health and wellness is not a “one size fits all” proposition.

Conventional Methods

We knew that for many people, conventional methods were only masking symptoms and not treating the root cause of the problem.

A Frustrating Struggle for Most People

Quite frankly, we were frustrated by seeing fellow veterans, friends and family members struggle with chronic pain and addiction, taking multiple prescriptions and still having a poor quality of life.

Sound familiar?

This is why our Managing Partner and Master Health Coach, CaptainTommie Benefield, chose to seek out the best science, technology, and healing practitioners in order to create a drug-free, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive, balanced mind, body, and energy approach to  total health and wellness.”

During his journey, starting with his first client, his ailing brother Terry, Tommie used the knowledge from degree in Nuclear Engineering to become a Master Trainer and leading expert in neuro-feedback and biofeedback systems and technology.

As a result, Natural Wellness Clinics has assembled a team of experienced health professionals that are committed to your health and well being.

Your health matters.

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