Healing Begins Here

Depending on the results of the initial evaluation, each treatment protocol will include some or all of the following therapeutic options.


This health system utilizes both natural therapies and conventional therapies to empower your body’s natural ability to heal. 

You are a whole person—and Naturopathic Doctors understand that any illness impacts your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual wellbeing.  They consider all aspects of your person as well as your environment, and use natural methods to support your healing. This may include homeopathy, clinical nutrition, physical medicine and more. 

TENS & Micro-Current Energy

The electrical pulses can release endorphins and other substances to stop pain signals in the brain. TENS devices have been FDA cleared as non-invasive, non-pharmacological devices for lessening pain. 

As you work through an injury, recover from surgery or just need relief from pain, TENS devices support your healing without the complications that conventional drugs introduce into your body.

The device is “FDA cleared for symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain”

The Natural Wellness Clinics LLC. team have utilized Microcurrent Therapy to help hundreds of patients find relief from:

Belief Change

But the beauty of your perception is that you can influence it to create the reality to desire.  Rooted in our beliefs, reality becomes a product of our behaviors and choices.  Belief Change seeks to uncover your subconscious beliefs, break through life-long programming and create new behaviors so that you can live the reality you desire.

Amniotic Fluid Injections

These injections of amniotic fluid allografts can speed up the healing process while also helping combat the inflammation caused by many conditions such as arthritis pain, osteoporosis and injury. 


After using Chinese diagnostic factors for placement, disposable, fine hair-thin needles are inserted systematically throughout your body.  This increases blood flow throughout the body and encourages your body’s natural ability to heal.


The complex misaligned vertebrae put pressure on spinal nerves which in turn cause a cascade of challenges for the brain to communicate with the body.  These are called subluxations.  If led uncorrected, over time, these lead to degeneration, disorders and disease.  However, proper alignment provides relief and unlocks your bodies ability to heal.

Doctors of Chiropractic study and analyze the spine and joints.  Similar to good dental care with a dentist, they partner with you to ensure you maintain spinal health that leads to long life and vitality. 

Stress Response Evaluation

When confronted with stressors like illness, pain, addictions and physical/emotional trauma, the miraculous human body is designed to respond in a way that prepares us to either fight back or run away from the stress. Continual exposure to stress can change how the body functions so much that even when we are at rest, our nervous system is dressing for battle. By understanding how our patients respond to stress, our care team can create a customized treatment plan to address the problem from a holistic perspective: emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

These services create an opportunity for patients to receive customized, targeted therapy specifically related to the areas in which their body is over- or under-responding to stress. These areas often include brain wave (qEEG) patterns, heart rate, respiration and muscle tension. Non-invasive, cutting edge technology provides patients with visual and auditory feedback from the body in real time while a specialist guides the patient into repeating healthier biological patterns. Over time, the body learns to naturally utilize these new behaviors, reducing or eliminating undesirable or maladaptive responses to stress.

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

At NWC, traditional therapy is an option; however, most patients utilize our unique approach to one-on-one care to combat the effects of chronic illness, pain, addiction or trauma/PTSD by working together with their clinician to design a system for improving quality of life. 

 In addition, the LPC’s at Natural Wellness Clinics, LLC. are specifically skilled at using a highly effective protocol to dramatically decrease withdrawal symptoms for patients who want to begin and sustain the process of addiction recovery.  

Your health matters.

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